First-rate healthcare First Aid training.

Our excitement about the first aid training we provide lies in our value for life and this is why we channel our focus towards empowering individuals, groups, organisations and healthcare professionals with the skills needed to intervene in emergency situations to save lives.

Our First Aid Training is not only targeted towards helping professionals and organisations in meeting HSE, Ofsted and professional requirements but creating an awareness and equipping people with basic skills required to be there for one another, family, friends and work colleagues when the need arises.

Mazion Healthcare offers high quality first aid training, classroom sessions and online and blended courses with Protrainings eu, which is cost effective and time saving. Our classroom sessions are very interactive and packed with practical exercises.

Flexibility is our motto, the choice of training venue is all yours. We are happy to deliver training at your door-step or use one of our conclusive venues located in North London.

All our courses are CPD certified or TQUK regulated courses

We also offer Manual Handling of Goods and People.

The awarding organisation for our regulated courses is TQUK. We strive to maintain the standard stipulated and ensure that the requirements of UK Regulators are met.

Very good and very thorough, straight to the point and very patient with students. I find her very professional - S.R.

Well taught lesson, applicable to our everyday life - H.H.